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Dream It, Be It

Mentoring Program by S.I. Club of Taft

This is a mentoring program offered by SI of Taft to empower and encourage young women in the
community to reach for and achieve their dreams. Our priority is Junior’s in High School facing obstacles
such as poverty, unstable home lives, living in foster care, etc.
The sample of the mentoring will be to teach these girls:
How to seek out career opportunities
How to create a resume

How to set and achieve goals
There will be fun workshops on
How to Dress for Success and where to find these items
How to Present yourself during an interview or meeting
How to create a resume and compose a professional email
How to apply for FAFSA and Local Scholarships
Trade School information
If this describes you or a daughter, granddaughter, friend – click on the link below for additional
information and/or apply.

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